Monday, October 27, 2014

Exterior Painting Company in Randolph, NJ

If you are looking for a trusted exterior painting company in Randolph, NJ, Martin Painting is your solution. Martin Painting is a professional painting company that has been proudly serving North NJ for more than 15 years. Over the years, Martin Painting has developed a reputation for high standards in preparation for painting house exteriors.

Whether you are looking to completely redo the exterior of your home or enhance your existing exterior while increasing your home’s curb appeal, our professional painters will provide you with all of the services you may need. At our exterior painting company in Randolph, NJ, we pride ourselves on our meticulous exterior painting process to ensure that you are getting the very best work, for the very best value. From start to finish, we have a personalized plan depending on the current state of your home’s exterior.

After completing our extensive pre-painting services, our expert exterior painters will apply the color of Benjamin Moore Aura exterior paint of your choosing. All paints that are utilized are hand-brushed. Additionally, our exterior painting company in Randolph, NJ will add mildew control to every gallon of paint applied to the exterior of your home to effectively prevent the growth of mildew on your home’s walls.

For more information on our exterior painting company in Randolph NJ, call Martin Painting at 973-449-5774 today!

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